Top 10 Unified Communication Solutions - 2022

In the midst of a digital workplace technology boom, companies turn to unified communications as a service to foster unhindered communications in a distributed workspace for improved business agility and continuity. According to Precedence Research reports, the global unified communications market stood at an estimated US$ 89.58 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand to US$ 385.21 billion by 2030, at an 18 percent CAGR growth from 2022 to 2030. Backing this growth are the increased government initiatives and actions mobilizing unified communications platforms across various industries.

Along with technological advancements and the subsequent popularized use of digital platforms, the surge of industrialization and urbanization is attributed to the expanding unified communications market worldwide. Further driving this growth is the widespread adoption of the internet of things in unified communications, facilitating efficient and effective data processing. Meanwhile, with large as well as small and medium-sized enterprises continuing to have more data security and privacy concerns, there is a pressing need for appropriate government regulations and guidelines in the expanding global unified communications landscape.

This edition of CIOReview highlights the major changes sweeping across the unified communications space and how companies utilize the latest tech innovations and IT expertise to streamline their business communications across a distributed workplace environment. The edition features thought leadership articles from Timothy Masey, VP of IT Infrastructure & Security at Carhartt, and Parantap Lahiri, VP of Network and Datacenter Engineering at eBay. They respectively discuss and offer guidance on the ongoing themes of ensuring companies’ stable move to the cloud with the help of governance tools, centralizing disparate data from business systems in a cloud-based shared services platform, and data center networks evolving from cloud-ready to cloud-native infrastructure.

Along with that, the edition features Orion PTT 2.0, an innovative unified communications solution helping frontline teams improve productivity, react faster in critical situations, amplify team member knowledge, and gain real-time intelligence.

In this edition featuring the most promising unified communications solutions, we hope you identify the best solution to accomplish your unified communication goals.

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    Top Unified Communication Solutions

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    Orion radically modernizes and innovates frontline communications and push-to-talk, bringing frontline workers into the connected enterprise. Frontline teams use Orion’s Unified Communications solution to improve productivity, react faster in critical situations, amplify team member knowledge, and gain real-time intelligence.

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    Offers a unified, cloud-based communication solution coupled with its extensive experience of 70 years in the telecommunications industry

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    M5 Technologies powered by Media5 Corporation is a Canadian development and manufacturing company specializing in IP protocols and multimedia communication solutions, offering a complete set of SIP-based products and technologies. With a focus on innovation and excellence in customer support, the company manufactures highly adaptable hardware and software components that are ready for market. M5 Technologies has its headquarters in Canada and local representatives in North and Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. The firm’s products are certified, distributed, and deployed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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    net2phone provides cloud-based business phone systems, VoIP phone services, and other cloud computing-based telephony products and services. The leading UCaaS provider is instrumental in enabling smarter online business conversations for organizations across multiple digital channels like voice calls, text messaging and chats, and video conferencing. The company’s feature-rich, proprietary platform confers organizations and their workforces with the flexibility to effortlessly move between various channels of cloud communications under a single pane of glass. In its cloud services, net2phone offers cloud-hosted PBX, contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS), SIP trunking, and Microsoft Teams integration.

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    Radisys’ mastery over unified communication channels and digital engagement enables its clients to gain actionable insights from customer interactions, voice, chat, or video-based communications streams.

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    Simpplr is a modern intranet solution that makes it possible for businesses to connect, align, and engage their entire workforce. Simpplr reinvents the possibility of the intranet as the virtual water cooler, connecting employees to the organizational culture and dialogue through transparent, two-way communication. Simpplr's technology platform performs four core functions: effective employee communication, knowledge management, nurturing of digital communities, and a virtual headquarter for remote or hybrid In this digital transformation era, every company finds it challenging to deal with data overload and identify the best reliable communication tool amongst numerous available options, including Zoom, Slack, emails, and phone calls and texts.

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    As a unified communications (UC) expert, Teraquant is renowned for ensuring voice quality monitoring, service assurance, and analytics. The company bundles these capabilities into call centers (UC) and secure edge/software-defined networking (SDN) implementations, whether on-premises, public or private cloud. Teraquant’s extensive range of communications solutions come with real-time SIP and installed network monitor that helps deploy UC initiatives right the first time and can manage performance in operations, thereby reducing costs and ensuring the best quality of experience (UX). Today, as a certified Oracle Cloud Service Provider, Teraquant is brought in by large VARs to implement their clients’ UC Cloud migration.

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    Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is an essential provider of enterprise networking, communications and services

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    Avaya is an IT consulting service that provides data communication, data networking equipment, installation, and OneCloud services

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    Cisco Systems

    Cisco Systems

    Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other technology services and products