Unified Communication Platforms: An Area Of Great Promise
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Unified Communication Platforms: An Area Of Great Promise

Chris Bedi, CIO, JDSU
Chris Bedi, CIO, JDSU

Chris Bedi, CIO, JDSU

Technology Trends Impacting Enterprise Business Environment

JDSU has a clear view into the most impactful trends that are driving the enterprise business environment today. The technology themes that are top of mind are the result of businesses that are focused on maintaining a competitive advantage by delivering customers innovative solutions and a customer experience that is differentiated. With that backdrop, JDSU sees emerging technologies in areas such as cloud, Business Intelligence and mobile. These technology trends empower IT to drastically improve customer experience and serve as a catalyst for increased competitiveness among organizations.

I like to look at it this way: Business Intelligence, as well as mobile and cloud solutions are emerging technologies that better equip us to understand the behavior of our customers with vital information that answers the question: how do they consume services and products in order for us to actually tailor solutions to meet their needs and exceed their expectation? And these emerging trends also provide advantages. For example, the flexibility of cloud-based solutions offers the ability to prototype quickly, experiment with new ideas, get to know the behaviors of users, and correct where required. Lastly, we see unified communication platforms as an area of great promise. The more that business becomes global and workforces more mobile, unified communications platforms that provide a consistent experience across multiple devices will be imperative.


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