AVST: Redesigning Communication Infrastructure for the Digital Future

Hardy Myers, President & CEO
Each of us is now electronically connected to the globe,” says Dan Brown. The connectivity is getting denser with intensified tech-trends. Today, advanced cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) services providers are helping the companies with smart, comprehensive solutions for browser-based video conferencing and the use of mobile devices to let employees join online meetings. Headquartered in Orange Country, CA, AVST is a developer of secure, reliable, feature-rich and scalable “enterprise-class” software-based UC solutions for businesses of diverse sizes. “Our aim is to develop communication solutions that transform the productivity of individuals, teams, and businesses, while leveraging the value of their existing and evolving IT infrastructure,” says Hardy Myers, President, CEO, AVST.

AVST has a wide spectrum of products to meet the critical communication requirements of varied customers. The company’s flagship product, CX-E, an interoperable UC platform that works with the existing mecha¬ism, helps the extant, call control solutions email systems, mo¬bile devices, presence engines and data infrastructure to work in a perfect harmony. The company’s solutions allow users to unify messaging to multiple emailing systems, to integrate emails, voicemails and fax into a one window shop and voicemails-to-test services. “CX-E is the most flexible unified messaging solution as it supports all four of the popular unified messaging architecture types—server-based unified messaging, client-based unified messaging, secure and simplified unified messaging,” states Myers. These smart, fast and comprehensive solutions are offering a bridge to the digital future.

For instance, in the recent past, Lane Council of Governments (LCOG), an association of local governments in Lane County wanted to digitize their communication programs. One of the Council's recent charters was to assist in coordinating a streamlined and reliable voice mail and call processing system. A key priority for the LCOG has been to replace its legacy voice messaging systems with a next-generation communications platform that will support the needs of the organization and its 6,000+ users.
After carefully evaluating the options, the LCOG agencies selected AVST's CallXpress voice mail and call processing solution. CallXpress provided LCOG with a solution designed to meet the needs of 6,000+ existing and prospective telephone users.

LCOG has standardized on a robust, reliable and cost-effective platform—one that is capable of adapting to the particular needs of the various agencies that LCOG supports.

AVST individuates itself from most other companies by developing next-generation communications solutions in alignment with key trends. The company offers tailor-made flexible, secure, unified messaging and advanced notification and information-access solutions that integrate with the databases of the UC mobile clientele. “We have built the business communication applications that will pave way to an automated ecosystem,” explains Myers.

AVST develop communication solutions that transform the productivity of individuals, teams and businesses while leveraging the value of their existing and evolving IT infrastructure

Moving ahead, AVST plans for a significant expansion in the UC landscape. Recently, the company showcased a full suite of enterprise-class UC applications to enhance Skype for Business. AVST's CX-E UC applications have recently completed Microsoft Platform Ready testing and tekVizion verification. “For businesses looking to deploy Skype for Business as a full or partial PBX replacement, AVST offers essential communication applications like, CX-E, CX-C, CX-H, all built to enrich Skype for Business deployments,” concludes Myers.


Orange Country, CA

Hardy Myers, President & CEO

Developer of Unified Communications solutions that transforms the productivity of businesses.