Collaboration Solutions: Optimizing High-Performance Collaborative Technology

Jeremy Short, CEO
Organizations today operate in a globally competitive landscape with an increased need for high performance productivity and unified collaboration. CIOs are challenged with the task of modernizing their workplace while attempting to bring together poorly operated IT departments, unaligned strategy-to-procurement execution, all while adopting cloud and mobile strategies. Bringing together AV communication, Information Technology, applications and new Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and finding partners to address implementing these innovations is difficult. “Companies require a technology partner who has the diverse range and proven expertise to address all of these issues, both on premises and in the cloud,” says Jeremy Short, CEO, Collaboration Solutions Inc. (CSi).

CSi provides award-winning best practices for implementation, operations, and consultation delivered on-premises, in the cloud, and hybrids across a spectrum of devices, both mobile and fixed. The company specializes in audiovisual solutions, collaborative technology design, integration, training and support to help organizations increase productivity.

Bridging together the plethora of new technologies and platforms into business to enable better experiences is the sole focus of CSi’s app dev teams. These teams are uniquely trained to understand how to leverage mobility, large interactive touch screens, enterprise productivity platforms, wearables and IoT technologies. The goal is always a comprehensive business solution that blends together the most advanced and effective aspects of each digital experience and platform.

CSi’s unique offering, QuickLaunchTM, is an easy to use ‘one-click’/‘one-touch’ application to join meetings, start applications, access data, play media, and showcase Business Intelligence assets. The application is customizable and designed to work with existing equipment or with Collaboration Solution’s custom UC Workspace solutions.
“QuickLaunchTM ensures an easy single touch user experience that unites disparate backend technologies,” says Short. “It boosts productivity with new forms of collaboration technology,” he adds.
They have certified trainers that customize implementation plans for each customer. The trainers, who provide ‘white glove’ training for both administrators and end users, work hand in hand with clients.
CSi has a long-term strategic partnership with its clients to achieve mutual goals that improve collaboration and productivity. One partner, a large automobile manufacturer was revitalizing office space and needed a solution to address their war room (or Obeya in Japanese) needs. The rooms were used to visualize and identify problem areas on projects and work collaboratively to solve any issues. They designed a “virtual Obeya” solution that addressed the need for collaboration, regardless of which devices people used or where they were using them from. The “virtual Obeya” solution allowed the manufacturer to leverage large screen technology and Skype for Business to collaborate in a similar way to a physical Obeya setting.
The company intends to remain focused on its goal to embrace and lead the ever changing spectrum of collaboration technology that helps customers experience unprecedented levels of business productivity and value.

QuickLaunchTM boosts productivity with new forms of collaboration

CSi also works with Microsoft and other large enterprises on a unique dash-boarding solution designed to display at-a-glance analysis, and allows users the ability to dive into data across disparate sources, collaborate, and then decide to take actions. There is no solution that does this today and will create a whole new class of empowered productivity.

“Our customers want technology driven communication and we holistically design business solutions for them to leverage it all,” concludes Short.

Collaboration Solutions

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Jeremy Short, CEO

A provider of audiovisual solutions specializing in collaborative technology design, integration, training and support to help organizations increase their productivity