Interface Technologies Northwest (ITN): Empowering Enterprises with UCaaS

Elizabeth Lauer Reed, Vice President & Principal
Unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) has evolved into a critical pillar for driving business success across industries as it offers direct support, connectivity, and flexibility to workers, regardless of where they are working from. Given the rise of mobility and cloud solutions within the UC space due to the growing demand for flexible work, organizations continue to embrace UCaaS to digitize communications holistically. It has become a ‘gateway cloud,’ laying the foundation to improve communication with clients, partners, and peers within the company.

Positioning itself as a pioneer in the UCaaS landscape is Interface Technologies Northwest (ITN). Since 2001, the company has been at the helm of providing telecommunication services, including UCaaS, structured cabling, and wireless services. “We make office communication simple by offering seamless, integrated WiFi coverage. We also provide phone systems that connect clients with their customers while designing the infrastructure to support it all,” says Elizabeth Lauer Reed, Vice President and Principal at ITN.

ITN’s cloud-based communications and collaboration platform goes beyond just VoIP phone software and helps clients be more mobile, productive, and interactive, using a single system tailored to their specific needs. It offers a purpose-built voice network that is reliable with any data centers, be it on the east or west coast, while also pre-qualifying clients’ existing network to ensure continued connection and improved voice quality. Furthermore, clients’ employees can collaborate more efficiently using ITN’s desktop and mobile applications. The desktop application allows users to send and receive chats, SMS messages, place and receive calls, share screens, host video calls, and share files, all within a single interface. The mobile application acts as an extension of the desktop application, combining all its features and packaging it into hand-held mobile devices to enable a seamless customer experience.

With a robust UCaaS offering, ITN enables businesses to establish a full-featured contact center infrastructure. Clients can leverage its services around agent scheduling and quality assurance, send and receive dynamic notifications via voice, SMS, or email.

We make office communication simple by offering seamless, integrated WiFi coverage. We also provide phone systems that connect clients with their customers while designing the infrastructure to support it all

They are also empowered by valuable analytics that helps in the decision-making process about the resources being used. Furthermore, its IVR (interactive voice response) can be easily designed and delivered to self-serve their end-customers without requiring an agent.

ITN also delivers planning and designing structured cabling services and seamless, integrated WiFi coverage. The company offers a suitable infrastructure to plan and design the clients’ cabling to provide a reliable and fast network that is easy to manage. It also helps create a suitable WiFi plan for clients utilizing the EKAHAU design software. Its indoor and outdoor access points offer secure and reliable WiFi access that fits all budgets, performance needs, and deployment methods. ITN offers custom-designed solutions to both localized and multi-location clients. In catering to them, the company conducts inspections and stress tests of their existing cabling and network to determine the best solution. It offers complete visibility into the installed system’s operations. In essence, ITN delivers a holistic unified communication package alongside its white-glove service to both its on-premise and off-premise clients.

Over the years, ITN has established long-lasting relations with clients owing to its hands-on approach and customer-centricity. To serve customers better, the company will be adding several new features within its cloud-based platform while focusing on helping more clients shift to a unified communication platform such as theirs. “Our service is our contract – we don’t require a commitment, we want our clients to be happy with their service. We can scale up with the needs of a business that allows clients to pay only for the number of users and resources and we can grow with you. We can accommodate businesses of all sizes,” concludes Elizabeth.

Interface Technologies Northwest (ITN)

Everett, WA

Elizabeth Lauer Reed, Vice President & Principal

ITN simplifies office communications by offering seamless telecommunication solutions, including structured cabling services, WiFi coverage plans, and Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)

Interface Technologies Northwest (ITN)